Hi there, I’m Calvin Dart. I am very fond of my first name. Thanks Mom and Dad for picking it and thanks Mr. Klein for making it famous enough that I usually only have to say it once.

I was born in Tucson, Arizona, USA in 1992. An archaeologist and a librarian raised me alongside my Guatemalan sister. Growing up in a valley of volcanic rock in the Sonaran Desert was, for the most part, really wonderful. I currently live far away from my home-town, in São Paulo, Brazil, where I coordinate market research projects for national and international clients. When I’m not working I’m probably making something out of wood, riding bikes/rollerblading, or cooking up something tasty in the kitchen.

Balance in life is very important to me: I appreciate business and hard work just as much as fantasy and leisure. This site serves various audiences, so let’s get you to the content you came here for


This half of my site is for business related audiences: clients, colleagues, future partners, etc. Here you can see my CV, read about projects I’ve coordinated or collaborated on, as well as learn some useful information about Brazil.


This half of my site has all the non-business related content. Read my blog posts, some short fiction stories by yours truly, see what cool things my friends do, find out how play with me if you are into moble gaming, and even cook some of my favorite recipes.