Banana Bread

3 large BANANAS // well mashed
1 cup FLOUR // add to mixture
3/4 cup WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR // add to mixture
3 tsp. BAKING POWDER // add to mixture
1/2 tsp. SALT // add to mixture
2/3 cup SUGAR // add to mixture
2 EGGS // add to mixture
60-70g UNSALTED BUTTER // melt, then let cool so it doesn’t scramble your eggs; once cool, add to mixture

Mix all of that together until there are no clumps of flour. Pour into greased loaf form. All ovens are different: cook at a reasonable temperature until top is golden brown and fork inserted into center comes out clean.

Optional variations:
-no chia seeds if that isn’t for you
-use some brown sugar to complement the regular sugar
-add a few tbsp. of natural peanut butter or chopped walnuts to give it a nutty taste

Storage: covered on counter for 4 days


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